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Our service respects the privacy of each user. The personal information collected is not shared, sold or given to anyone under any circumstances.

Collected data

Our chat collects an email address during registration and a password that is automatically encrypted. We also collect certain information: gender, age, country, photo. You can change this information at any time by logging in to the chat. You can also delete your account with a single click from your member area.

Cookies policy

During the consultation of our chat, cookies are deposited on your computer, your mobile or your tablet. Our site is designed to be attentive to the needs and expectations of our visitors. This is one of the reasons why we use cookies in order to identify you and access your account.

Definition of a cookie

A cookie is a file placed on your computer when you visit a site or view an advertisement. Its purpose is to collect information relating to your navigation and to send services adapted to your device (computer, mobile or tablet). Cookies are managed by your web browser.

About us

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