Terms and conditions of use

This charter as well as our terms and conditions of use are there to ensure that our chat remains a friendly space in a safe and responsible way.

Chat forbidden to underage people

Our chat is exclusively reserved for adults and strictly forbidden to under 18 years old.

Download only pictures that belong to you

Do not publish photos that do not represent you. This is contrary to our rule, the photo will be deleted by the moderators.

Respect others users

We are a very heterogeneous community. This means that respect for the beliefs and interests of others is imperative.

Don't be vulgar

You have to behave on our chat as you would in everyday life. Be nice to people you meet online, as if you were in front of each other. You will then be banned for a certain period of time, if another user signals you.

Don't pretend to be someone else

We hope that you will meet real people through our chat. That's why we ask you to use a real photo and complete your profile with your own information. Do not pretend to be someone else.

Don't post your personal info on public spaces

Please do not include your phone number, address, e-mail, or site URLs on your profile, in photos, or in public comments; otherwise we will need to remove them.

Do not post erotic or pornographic content

We are sure you will easily find other places on the web to upload or view pornographic content. We do not provide this type of service. However, this doesn't mean that you can't add sexy pictures, but still respect the limits.

Don't do anything illegal on our chat room

We do not tolerate illegal activities on our chat. If you violate this rule, we will delete your profile and notify the appropriate authorities.

Do not spam other users

Do not try to sell products, other sites or services, retrieve emails, phone numbers or any other private contact information on our chat. You will be directly excluded from the site.

Send original messages

Rather than copy/paste the same message to all the people you want to contact, go and see what interests them and send a message related to their tastes.

Respect our charter

Please don't force us to continually remind you of our rules, we don't like to block our users' profiles. By following our rules, you will have a lot more fun.

Give yourself a moment of relaxation

Enjoy the good times you spend on our chat. Chat and make new friends and meet new people to get to know in real life. Take full advantage of the benefits of our community.

Failure to abide by this policy will be followed by a formal warning and likely deletion of your account if you re-offend. This policy is designed to keep our chat room a warm and friendly place for all our users. If you don't agree, find another community site that better suits your values.


Moderators are present to ensure the good conduct of users and thus prevent the chat from becoming a real battleground. They are not, however, superior to other users and must :
- Respect the conditions of use.
- Have an exemplary behavior,
- Use their privileges only in the interest of the network and not in their personal interest,
In the event of a dispute with a moderator, or if you believe you have been illegitimately expelled, we invite you to contact us.

Security tips

Use our chat with care and think carefully before meeting people in real life, or giving out very personal information such as an email address, phone number, etc...

If you agree to meet another member, remember to tell someone in your family, or a friend, where you're going and when you'll be back. Never agree to be picked up at your home. Go to the meeting place on your own and return home the same way. Always choose a public place with enough people. Our chat is unfortunately unable to check the criminal records of its members and other users.